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HCG Drops or Injections
Eileen is a Certified member of the HCG Diet Council, and she, and our other nurses, Sandra and Fiona oversee the protocols for proper delivery of REAL Medical HCG.
HCG Diet Council Professional Member Seal (1)

There are many companies claiming to be the real thing, but they are homeopathic and the FDA has NOT approved the products to reduce fat like the product we offer. Our products are compounded by a local pharmacist. Injections are self-administered into your abdomen everyday. If you choose drops, you ingest them twice, daily.
You meet with our nurses before you start the program. They review your health history, discuss your health and weight loss concerns and set goals.  
We offer a 6 week program for those of you who only need to lose 15 pounds or a 9 week program if you are looking to lose 25 pounds. 
The program consists of very restricted diet along with HCG.  We provide some of your required oil-free skincare products, but a shopping list will be provided as to other required products.  We strongly include detoxifying and energy supplements by DoTerra, their importance will be discussed during your consultation. We register you on Bodysite website to log in your food intake and get all required documents for the program.  You meet with Sandra or Fiona every week to review food logs, weigh-in, and discuss how the program is working for you. You are only using the HCG product for half of the time, the other half is Transition, this is an important to ween you back into normal eating, but with better control over the amount of food you require to maintain your goal.

This diet is designed to be short term, to lose weight quickly.  There is no exercising allowed. Our patients rave about the how easy this program is, because they are NOT hungry and you WILL lose weight if you follow it precisely.  
Please call us to schedule your free consultation and see the amazing before and after photos of our clients and learn more about our programs.

These are REAL Results after the 10 week program!

B12 Forte Shots
We offer a weekly shot for $25 or 1 month for $75. The nurse or nurse practitioner administer your shot.